Early College and Career Options High School (ECCO)

Graduation Information

  • Date: June 15, 2016
  • Time: 7 p.m.
  • Location: Lane Community College Center for Meeting and Learning
  • Ticket cost: $1.00; tickets will be available in the ECCO Main Office beginning June 1, 2016

ECCO High School

Early College and Career Options (ECCO) High School, located on the Lane Community College campus, is a state accredited school that provides a personalized instruction experience. Students are encouraged to set goals and plan for life beyond high school.  Class sizes are small and credit is accelerated, helping students who have dropped out or who have not experienced success in traditional programs. Admission to ECCO requires a referral from a student’s 4J high school.

Once the referral is made students interview with ECCO staff to determine readiness for the program. Once accepted, students become part of a cohort that stays together twelve weeks. The twelve-week cohort allows students to learn and demonstrate specific measurable,  attainable and realistic skills that will help them to be successful in ECCO’s Core High School program.

ECCO’s school-to-work and school-to-college transition provides students with the opportunity to explore Career Technical Education or attend Lane Community College while they earn high school credit.  Our academic programs stress community, personal growth and social success in addition to academic achievement. If you are interested in an alternative education placement, please contact your Assistant Principal. Students from across the 4J district are welcome.