ECCO High School

Our Mission: To provide an equitable educational opportunity so that all students in Eugene 4J leave high school with the skills to be successful in their choices of career and/or college. Our Vision: EEO will serve all students by removing barriers to their education, delivering high levels of rigorous and culturally relevant instruction in their classroom, providing appropriate levels of educational support, and nurturing their social and emotional growth as individuals in our community.


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Our Program

ECCO High School is an alternative high school offering a state-accredited diploma through credit recovery opportunities. Our academic programs stress equity, community, and self-advocacy through trauma informed teaching practices. ECCO offers three Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways: Natural Resource Management, Computer Science and Construction & Engineering. Our smaller class sizes offer students more personalized instruction and focus on goal setting for post-secondary career and college opportunities. ECCO also offers a GED program, housed in the Lane Community College Downtown Center, as another option for high school completion. Staff provide instructional support with the online curriculum and content needed to earn a GED. Testing takes place off-site and at flexible times during the day. If you are interested in an alternative education placement, talk to your high school counselor. ECCO and ECCO GED are both referral-based programs.