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Neurodiverse Parent Support Meeting

Posted Date: 3/01/24 (11:02 AM)

Please see the message below from Dani Crowley, one of the parents organizing monthly support meetings for parents of neurodiverse students.

A quick reminder that our next ND Family Support Night will be Wednesday, March 6  from 6:00 to 8:00 at ECCO High School. Our topic is:  Our Brain under Stress.  This is definitely a topic we can ALL relate to!! ... We are ALL overwhelmed these days...come prepared to learn some very valuable tools on how to sense and create the calm you want for yourselves and your family members.

Please Mark Your Calendars & forward this email on to your collegues and friends, to print and post this flyer or share on social media so others in the Eugene/Springfield and surrounding areas will know we are gathering and learning such valuable information AND from one another!!  

All parents/educators that have been in attendance have remarked how incredible this opportunity is and have appreciated the resources and connections made during the evening so very much!!  It is a very laid back, welcoming, supportive, and informative time together!! **So far, All gatherings will be the first Wednesday of the month through June.  Please come for any length of time that you are available!!